Our Future. Our Planet. Our Choices.

Alliance Earth’s team is committed to environmental and scientific reporting in the global interest. We tell award-winning, groundbreaking stories that engage, enrage and inspire people to create a world that is more sustainable, exciting and future-proof.

Large-scale actions start with exhaustive research, conversations and our specialty, stories.

Our storytelling partners include National Geographic, The Guardian, NPR, PBS and many other news outlets around the world. Our team works closely with researchers, scientists and policy makers in order to create impactful reporting that makes a real-world difference.

We also work alongside global thought leaders with millions of followers, and our publications and the research we develop influences leaders from the US Congress to African presidents, helping drive forward real solutions to today’s environmental issues. These include the facts about new oil and gas developments, solutions to climate change and how human rights are environmental rights, helping shape global policy with the goal to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Some of our current and past publication partners include: