The Dung Beetle: An Alliance Earth Environmental Education Art Project

The Dung Beetle is a trailer-mounted movable art stage sculpted of recycled metal. It is being fabricated in Johannesburg, South Africa using South African skills and technology. It is a power-producing, fully operational plastic recycling system that turns single use plastics into diesel and gas. The prototype serves to inspire people to copy the free gasification technology.

It also uses this disruptive technology to educate and support communities using this exciting platform for positive messaging, including conscious music, applied earth sciences and other crucial environmental successes.

The project is being shaped to make this technology available to communities as a fully operation plastic recycling system that converts single use plastics into fuels like diesel and gas.

We are looking for assistance of many different kinds, so please feel free to contact us if you and your community or business would like to get involved in this awesome program.

Dig The Dung!