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A groundbreaking new project asks us to reimagine our own collective future.

A groundbreaking new project asks us to reimagine our own collective future.

A short train ride from the green canals of Berlin is the Film University of Babelsberg, an impressive steel and glass building rising above outdoor film studios in Potsdam, Germany. Old Berlin, before the allied bombing, is crowded up next to an old cowboy town, where the smell of livestock suggests some of the extras […]

MobilES has developed a way for our phones to contribute to stopping global warming in its tracks.

Climate change: the ever-present enemy has hit Cambodia hard. As with most things though, there’s an app for that. This blog was originally written by Jeffrey Barbee for Reuters. TMAT PAELLY, Cambodia, April 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Yin Socheat, a 29-year-old Cambodian farmer, is immersed in her smartphone – but it isn’t the latest viral […]

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Alliance Earth’s Director Jeffrey Barbee helps explain the real tragedy of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.

So many unknowns here still but I can share a few facts. The disaster has changed from being a search and rescue effort into a more stable crisis mitigation plan. Aid has arrived, it is being flown out right now in South African choppers, and the Indian army has been amazingly present everywhere we went, […]

Jeffrey Barbee goes back to varsity and shares his knowledge in Wales.

An Alliance Earth Science Communication Workshop at Bangor University At the end of January 2019 Alliance Earth Director, Jeffrey Barbee was invited to give a workshop by the Environmental Science Faculty at the University of Bangor in Wales. This was the start of a month-long knowledge exchange that was created by Dr Simon Willcock and Jeffrey Barbee in […]

Mozambique’s Exame magazine publishes the latest story about the exploration of Mount Lico.

Finding a spot in Africa that’s undisturbed by mankind, is “incredibly rare” says Dr Simon Willcock. Seeking for forests Professor Julian Bayliss found this spot on top of Mount Lico located in Mozambique with the help of Google Earth. This discovery initiated a journey that took two years in the making with hopes of exploring […]

The Juneau Icefield Research Program – America’s Largest Climate Classroom

The Juneau Icefield Research Program North America’s Largest Climate Classroom Jeffrey Barbee interviews JIRP Alumni, Christiane McCabe. The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) has kept a continuous scientific eye on one of the largest source areas for glaciers in North America for more than sixty years. It is the longest running glacial-climate record in the […]

A ‘dream team’ of scientists scaled Mount Lico and found a wealth of new species

Standing in a pit in the red soil of a mountaintop forest in northern Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was dirty but very excited. “Undisturbed forest is incredibly rare,” he said. “That is why we scaled a 125-metre-tall cliff with a pickaxe.” Willcock, from Bangor University in Wales, knew of no other rainforest in Africa that […]

Jeffrey Barbee tells of his wild dog experience in the Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.

The Ruaha National Park, about 130 km west of Iringa, Tanzania, is known for its wild dogs, lions, spotted hyenas, East African cheetahs and African leopards. Working with Haley Jackson on a project in this beautiful part of our continent was a rare delight. My visit to the park was during the wet season, which […]

Malawi Wood Cutters

Malawi Jails Loggers In First Case Of It’s Kind -With Reuters News Service

Last November, rangers in Malawi’s Lengwe National Park arrested 35 illegal loggers within the park boundaries as they felled timber with a half-million dollars worth of equipment.