Lico: Mountain of Mystery

Bayliss holds a Charaxis butterfly found on top of Mount Lico.

In May 2018 Alliance Earth Director Jeffrey Barbee joined the Mount Lico expedition. Organized by board member Professor Julian Bayliss from Oxford Brookes University, the expedition follows many other projects to focus the world’s attention on northern Mozambique’s endangered forests.

Professor Julian Bayliss discovered Mount Lico while looking at Google Earth near the location of Mount Mabu in 2012 but it took him six years to put together the funding and the team to tackle this remarkable scientific adventure. With help from climbers Jules Lines and Mike Robertson, the 28 member team was able to scale a 125 meter rock cliff to study what is being called the most isolated forest ever found in Africa.

As part of it’s remit to work with the world’s leading publications, Alliance Earth has partnered with The Guardian UK’s Sunday edition, called the Observer, in order to break the news of this exciting finding to the world.

You can also read some other fascinating stories about the mountain as they come out through the links at the bottom of the page.  Herewith are some more unseen images of both Lico and nearby Socone, and some of the exciting creatures that call these islands of biodiversity home.

As more information comes to light about the new species that are newly confirmed, and we get more of our work together, including 3d mapping, a 360 degree video project, and exciting short film from some of the world’s leading film makers, and more, we will keep you informed here.

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