Okavango Watch

Alliance Earth is a founding member of Okavango Watch and our team is helping bring it to the world in photos, stories and the interactive website -which is coming soon!

This project is a global effort to help preserve this unique watershed, assist the people who call it home, and in turn secure a future for the incredible wildlife these communities protect. As one of the most important river catchments in Africa which nearly a million people rely upon for their food, water and livelihoods, it is vital that this incredible resource is protected for future generations.

Many people here rely upon the abundant wildlife in the region, and OW is a voice not only for the communities driving forward some of the most exciting community based natural resource management systems in the world, but everyone who relies on the life giving waters of this precious ecosystem, from cattle herders to fisherfolk and small-scale farmers.

There are many threats to the greater Okavango ecosystem, from water pollution to unsustainable resource extraction to deforestation and over-use of chemical fertilizers, and we are here to share these challenges as well as some exciting ways to create more sustainable solutions to them.

Okavango Watch is you, it is everyone who loves this wild and this crucial ecosystem.

Together we can help secure it, create good paying and sustainable jobs, and keep this green, verdant and wild landscape in the desert as a beacon of hope.

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This partnership project is created together with Re:Wild, Okavango community conservation groups like the Jakotsha Trust, Mababe Community Trust, lodges, farmers, guides, tourists and you!

Find out more here as we launch this exciting project together in 2024!