Tighten your seatbelt because the paradigm is shifting.

From roofs to roads to skin to paint, the new faces of solar technology are shining out from every surface in our world. This project shares the stories of the people behind the greatest energy boom in the history of the human race.

Solar is the cheapest form of energy on planet earth, and in 2017 in the USA it employs more people than oil, gas and coal combined. This is the story of Sunshine, about how people are creating a clean future for themselves and the rest of humanity while driving innovation across Earth.

This project is a planet-crossing feature film and a first-person 360 video VR adventure of hope. Filmed in both regular cinematic 2D and 360 VR it’s a package of immense excitement, sharing the untold story of how disruptive material advances are replacing the dead-end fossil fuels of yesterday with a technology of unlimited scope and size.

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The narrative follows the people of this remarkable energy boom, their successes, their failures, and how their lives are changing. From a coal miner retrained in West Virginia to install solar panels to a Swedish nuclear submarine mechanic now designing new solar engines in the deserts of Africa.

From VW’s headquarters to squatter camps in Nairobi to the leaders of mainland China, our story weaves together a intimate human story of success and potential driven by the financial incentives offered by a democratic energy technology, not a finite and controlled energy resource.

As the solar economics of scale continue to crush fossil fuels. Solar will disrupt energy markets like cell phones disrupted how we create and consume information. Empires will fall and fortunes will be made.


Our last feature project covered the global effort to spread fracking around the world. The 55 minute film The High Cost of Cheap Gas, has won four worldwide best-picture prizes, stopped fracking in the national parks of Botswana, led to a global Panama Papers Investigation into corruption in energy markets, and has been translated into five languages and distributed in 14 countries from Estonia to Australia. The film has more than a quarter million direct media references on search engines in publications from CNN to Bloomberg to the LA Times. It continues to be distributed to thousands of American, Canadian and European libraries and classrooms by Java Films and Green Planet Films.


We need ZAR 500,000 (about $42.000) to complete this film and put some post-production polish on it!

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