In September 2014, Alliance Earth partnered with The Control Room to help create the biggest environmental live web-streaming program in history.

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The Alliance Earth Team produced four stories that led four of the 24 Hours of Climate Reality: 24 Reasons To Be Hopeful.

Get inspired by these talented people who are already changing our world for the better.

24 Hours of Reality: Field Report - A Clean Wind Blows in South Africa

We discovered that in South Africa, wind power is now 50% the price of new coal power, and getting cheaper. The winds of change are real, and getting stronger.

24 Hours of Reality: Field Report - Women and Solar are a Potent Combination

Women in East Africa are uplifting themselves and providing power to more than a quarter million people for the first time. This revolution happened in the last 2 years, and is growing even faster.

24 Hours of Reality: Field Report - An Entrepreneur Powers Tanzania

Smart, business-drive solar systems are much better than failing national electrical grids.  One amazing Tanzanian has brought power to hundreds of thousands across this developing country.  If he has his way, the old grid will go the way of land-line telephones.

24 Hours of Reality: Field Report - Kenya's Greenbelt Movement

50 million trees and counting, the Greenbelt Movement in Kenya has changed lives, changed ecosystems and is now changing our planet.

These segments were produced, directed and written by Jeffrey Barbee, edited by Barbee and Kiko Herrera’s Exposure Films and filmed by Jeffrey Barbee, Kiko Herrera, and Charlie Smith from Awen ProductionsHaley Jackson is the executive producer along with the Control Room.

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