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The Ghost In The Corona

Like a ghost it is invisible, like a poltergeist it seems to harbor a grudge, and like a Navajo Skinwalker it moves about unseen, taking over the bodies of its victims.

Wings Over Tanzania and COVID-19

Jeffrey Barbee showcases a new Tanzanian project on Patreon.

We know, being stuck indoors makes us all long for the outside world again. Trees and mountains, ocean and animals. We can definitely relate. In his latest Patreon update, Alliance Earth’s Jeffrey Barbee tells us about his latest pre-Coronavirus project Wings Over Tanzania, and his catch up with the Director of the project, Haley Jackson. […]

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Jeffrey Barbee on India’s sanitation issues and what’s being done to alleviate it

A functioning toilet is something most of us pretty much take for granted. It’s not something we even think about all that often, it’s just there, and always have been a part of our lives. But for people in certain cities, like that of Sabitha Nagar in India, proper sanitation is not as easily accessible. […]

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Local communities in Tanzania are using technology to replenish fish stocks in the oceans

On Tanzania’s coastline, a new type of fish management system driven by cellphone technology has created an increase in fish stocks for the first time. Now local communities are taking control of their own fishing waters and the fish, not seen here for decades, have returned to the blue waters of the South-West Indian Ocean.

The Juneau Icefield Research Program – America’s Largest Climate Classroom

The Juneau Icefield Research Program North America’s Largest Climate Classroom Jeffrey Barbee interviews JIRP Alumni, Christine McCabe. The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) has kept a continuous scientific eye on one of the largest source areas for glaciers in North America for more than sixty years. It is the longest running glacial-climate record in the […]

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Dive into the world of the threatened manta ray with marine scientist Michelle Carpenter.

The alarm blares loudly at 6:30 but I am usually already awake; excited to get out on the water. I grab my scuba gear, camera and research equipment, and hop onto my little motorbike. Somehow I’ve mastered the Indonesian tradition to fit as many items as possible onto a scooter, and ride off into town. […] Partners with Doco360 to Create In Depth 360 Video Content and form a partnership to create custom-made 360 video content that will bring our environmental and scientific stories to life.

Female Anti-Poaching Team in South Africa Saves Rhinos

  This is part of our current partnership with the UK Guardian, and public television station KCET By Jeffrey Barbee Excerpted from the UK Guardian, February 2015 The battle against the poaching that kills a rhino every seven hours in South Africa has acquired a new weapon: women. The Black Mambas are all young […]

An Open Letter To The New York Times

Dear Mr. Banquet, New York Times Editor As a former New York Times contributor I am wondering why you all have missed the ball on reporting about the environment? About Climate Change? Why is there no environmental desk at your magazine? No Climate Watch? This despite the fact that the US Military, an overwhelming number […]