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Professor Julian Bayliss from Oxford Brookes University gets ready to close a butterfly trap baited with fermented bananas on the cliff edge of Mount Lico. The first confirmed new species from the expedition is a butterfly.

The scientist had been using satellite imagery to look for an undisturbed rainforest, somethign never before found in Africa. He spotted Mt Lico in 2012 and started planning this expedition two years ago. This image was taken on his third day on top of the mountain.

The expedition was funded by the TransGlobe Expedition Trust, Biocensus, African Butterfly Research Institute, DMM Climbing, Marmot tents, Bayliss family
Participating institutions:
Oxford Bookes University, University of Swaziland, University of Bangor, University of York, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Natural History Museum (Maputo), Natural History Museum (London), Biocensus, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, E. O. Wilson lab Gorongosa, Port Elizabeth Museum (SA), Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, the Herbarium (Maputo).

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