Mount LIco-NO Publication without written premission of Jeffrey

The Western Face of Mount Lico rises 700 meters above the surrounding plain. Mountains that rise alone like this are called inselbergs. Mozambique has hundreds, but so far none are known to be as isolated as Mount Lico. Professor Julian Bayliss spotted the mountain on Google Earth and it took 2 years to put together the May 2018 expedition to it’s summit forest, seen here as the line of green at the top.

TransGlobe Expedition Trust, Biocensus, African Butterfly Research Institute, DMM Climbing, Marmot tents, Bayliss family

Participating institutions:

Oxford Bookes University, University of Swaziland, University of Bangor, University of York, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Natural History Museum (Maputo), Natural History Museum (London), Biocensus, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, E. O. Wilson lab Gorongosa, Port Elizabeth Museum (SA), Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, the Herbarium (Maputo).

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