Mount Mabu 2017 The Expedition

“So we are going to go to the middle of Mabu, we are going to the centre of the forest, we are going to see what secrets Mabu has to give up, and we are going to discover new species”.  -Professor Julian Bayliss.

Check out the first feature article about the project in the Observer, the Guardian UK Sunday edition.

This scientific and educational expedition was the first of its kind ever attempted, penetrating into the heart of the largest rainforest in Southern Africa forest.  Our objective? To discover new places on the mountain for future tourism, find new species of plants and animals, create an ethnobotanical report, check on the health of the forest, write a series of feature articles for the press, produce a documentary film about the adventure and create a 3d Map to deliver the Mabu360 Virtual Reality Experience.

The expedition successfully uncovered new waterfalls, eden-like campsites, new valleys of giant trees, and even more new species.

Media partners are currently being sought for worldwide distribution of both the film, footage, writing, imagery and the 360 VR film experience that lets everyone explore the mountain’s research, riches and discoveries using a new 3D map and immersive 360 video.

See below for more about this exciting way to use technology to help preserve the Mabu Forest.

The team is also producing a teaching syllabus about the science of Mabu for secondary schools in Mozambique and around the world.

Check out the short dispatch from the Mountain outlining the expedition:

Find Out More About Our Mabu 360 Experience:

Using the latest technology Alliance Earth filmed a unique 360 degree virtual reality project based on 3d mapping technology  for museums and science centers around the world, so that everyone can join the expedition and experience the mountain’s mysteries first hand.

Get in touch with AE Director Jeffrey Barbee if you would like to find out how we can bring a photography exhibition, the immersive Mabu360 Experience, a film screening and a talk to your museum, university, secondary school or science centre.

Check out some of the images below.  If you would like to see a larger selection for your publication, email us here.

Special Thanks to The Mt Mabu 2017 Alliance Earth Expedition Members:

Dr. Roland Van De Ven, Clemmie Borgstein, Phillip Jordaan, Dale Millard, Jeffrey Barbee, Julian Bayliss, Ernesto Andre, Hassam Patel, Ana Alecia Lyman, Ofelio Cavalleo, Bartolomeu Ofelio, and Lopes Andre.


3 thoughts on “Mount Mabu 2017 The Expedition

  1. Simon Gill says:

    as all new discoveries are so special so is the fascinating research work that tou are conducting – love to be there with you !!

  2. Ana Mariguesa says:

    Dear Jeff Barbee, My name is Ana Mariguêsa and I work for the European Union office in Mozambique. I saw your article about Moiunt Meru on the Guardiamn Newspaper and I would very much appreciatte you to enter in contact with me.
    We are at this stage looking at possble support for the hotspot of Biodiversity, Mount Meru.
    Please contact me on

  3. Oscar Escudero, MD says:

    Just saw Bayliss awesome tv feature og Mabu forest and new species, an ultimate dream for biologists. I finished zoology and then proceeded to medicine and everytime I learn of adventures like yours, I wish I can be there with all the surprises. More power to your team!

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